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against Judges of district court - of Düsseldorf - Germany






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Dr. Th. Sartoros

Laddringsweg 15

45 219 Essen

  1. January 2020


Registered letter




Friedrichstr. 62-80

40217 Dusseldorf



Re: Application of October 27, 2019 for the return of PC items, patent models, correspondence

             letters, keys etc, stolen from my Apartment, from the agents of the secret service

Bez.: My letter of July 21, 2019 to the NRW Minister of Justice

         : My registered letter of October 27, 2019 to you regarding the return of stolen articles


Here: Reminder to answer the application of October 27, 2019



  Dear  Mr. Reul, Minister of the NRW for Internal Affairs


In a previous letter dated October 27, 2019, I described the cases and the circumstances to you

how and when about the named articles from my apartment were stolen by agents and asked

the help of the police to sketch / paint the three agents in order to identify them.


During your visit to Kettwig on January 19, 2010 you spoke about "Security for our country"

and spoke about strengthening the police with appropriate equipment and understood this

as a personal task.


But who protects the citizen from intervention by the secret services?


The Constitutional Court (= BVerfG) had given its verdict on this a few years ago.

More security coupled with more respect for legal norms, but the arbitrariness of the secret services,

the door almost closed.


Now the case described gives you the chance to fulfil your promise or put it into practice and

even almost free of charge.


So be consistent and start with a first reaction, or with a response to my letter of October 27, 2019.

Of course I am available for further information.


I await your prompt and relevant feedback


Sincerely yours


Dr. Th. Sartoros

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Dr. Th. Sartoros

Laddringsweg 15

45 219 Essen

October 27, 2019





Friedrichstr. 62-80

40217 Dusseldorf


Abbreviations used

LG-D´dorf = regional court of Düsseldorf, OLG = court of appeal of Düsseldorf; e.g.= for example

Mettmann = city near Düsseldorf; FA = Tax office; NRW = federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia;

FG = Financial Tribunal; GB = Giga Bytes; PC = Personal Computer; Az = Number of File or of process;


Re: Application for the return of the secret service agents from my apartment

           stolen PC articles, patent models, correspondence letters, keys etc

Bez: My letter of July 21, 2019 to the NRW Minister of Justice



Dear Minister of the NRW for Internal Affairs


since I do not know whether you can also get a copy of my letter of July 21, 2019 to the NRW Minister of Justice,

I send you a brief introduction of myself, and then explain the reason for my above application.


After I had won more than 30 lawsuits against the FA-Mettmann at the FG-Düsseldorf, I appealed to the district

court D'dorf with legal liability claims with claims for damages.


Due to the amounts looted by the FA-Mettmann through bank seizures, and after arrest for alleged tax evasion,

and after the destruction of an investment of more than € 1.5 million for the realization of my patents, the company

was bankrupt. Due to the continuing inadmissible acts of the FA-Mettmann, which took place against the former wife

in the period 1979-1994, the marriage has meanwhile also failed.


There, at LG-D´dorf, I experienced a number of illegal acts by the judges of the regional court and several litigation

cases organized by the chairpersons of the chamber, which were carried out by the LG judges and with the

help of the cost official.


I was able to defend myself against this despite the enormous legal difficulties.


My applications to the LG-D'dorf for annulment of illegal decisions irritated LG / OLG judges, buried them

(= never decided) and looked for external help.


From then on (2007) my spying (correspondence, telephone and fax) was intensified and because I had no 

internet connection until 2014, my apartment also received an unwanted visit; thus began the time after which

certain articles in connection with the official liability lawsuits and inventions disappeared; It is striking that the old

PC (with WIN 3) fell victim of the agents because they did not know the old operating systems and other PC

technical details.


The unwanted visitors left a mess in the old PC and soon it was useless.


Then (2010) came the putsch club of the OLG 11 Senate with 7 OLG judges under the leadership

of the OLG Vice President, who passed 99 resolutions, 42 of which were delivered to me within a week,

with a legal challenge period of 14 days.

I was also able to defend myself against this. The club was dissolved by the former Minister of Justice


Then the process fraud of the 18 Senate of the committee (Malsch / Fr. Glaeser / Anger) to Az 18 W 1/18

took place  in September 2015 with alleged limitation of the claims for damages on July 31, 2006, that is,

before paying the court fees (Dec. 2006) for the pending litigation suit with LG-D´dorf Az 2b o 271/01;


The new process fraud of the OLG judges of the 18th Senate took place 2 years later on October 18, 2017.

You can find more about this in my criminal complaint to the D'dorf public prosecutor's office and on my

website (www.sartoros-dr-ing.de)


Throughout the period (2007-2018) I registered the disappearance of:

5 memory sticks, 2 CD disks, 1 PC internal hard disk 500 GB, 4 correspondence letters with GR ministries,

1 diary, 1 patent model made of aluminium approx. 15 * 15 * 15 cm, 2 bundles of keys,

1 mini video camera, and most recently (July 2018-March 2019) a Medion laptop with Windows XP

operating system and installation CD and diskettes with data, including his mouse and battery,

and much more.


Of the unwanted visitors, I could still identify three people today because I met her

on the narrow Laddringsweg path when leaving the apartment and in daylight.


It should also be mentioned that a murderer tried an auto-accident on the A5 motorway, south

from Karlsruhe, on April 16, 2008 at around 2:30 p.m., but i survived.


During a file inspection at the LG-D'dorf in October 2019, I found the lack of files stored on the CD / DVD /

hard disk. Multiple files and correspondence, among others the LG / OLG resolutions were stored on

CD / DVD and I need these important documents.


From the above short report you also recognize my request for return of the stolen articles.


It is believed that your home's services were able to review or copy the stored files and return them after

so many years. For certain evidence before the courts, the files stored in CD / DVD / memory stick /

hard disk, as well as the notes in the diaries and the patent models (made of aluminium) are very

important and essential.


I would like to ask you personally to return the items that I have stolen from your authorities


You could put it all together in a small package and send it back to me with some fancy name.


It is not indecent for the authority to admit its own mistakes.


I am awaiting positive feedback


Sincerely yours


Dr. Th. Sartoros


This letter has been sent to the Minister of the Interior, but he has not responded, so on

January 22, 2020 sent a reminder as a registered letter; to date have heard nothing of it.

The memory of January 22nd, 2020 will be published soon.

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